Documentary Review: Out of Print (2014)

Release Date: October 15th, 2014
Directed by: Julia Marchese
Music by: Peter Marchese

86 Minutes


Out of Print is a documentary made by Julia Marchese. She has worked at the legendary New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles for several years now.

The documentary kind of serves two purposes.

The first, is it talks about the purpose and the history of the New Beverly Cinema. For those who don’t know, it is one of the most beloved revival movie theaters in the world. Everyday they showcase old films in their original 35mm format.

The second purpose, is that after spending time on the New Beverly and its love of the 35mm format, the film goes into how 35mm prints are dying and that major studios are no longer supporting the format.

Out of Print is a call to action for those of us who don’t want to see the 35mm format needlessly die. In a digital age, physical film is now becoming extinct. But like all other forms of art, certain techniques should be preserved and carried on. The film makes the example that you wouldn’t smash the Mona Lisa to bits just because you have a jpeg of it on your phone. And film should be treated the same way.

The movie is entertaining, informative and full of celebrities who love the New Beverly, revival cinema and want to preserve the art of filmmaking. It’s definitely worth a watch.

Rating: 8/10

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