TV Review: Robotech: The Masters (1985)

Original Run: started syndication on March 4th, 1985
Created by: Carl Macek
Directed by: Robert V. Barron
Written by: Carl Macek, Steve Kramer, Greg Snegoff
Based on: Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross (Japanese anime)
Music by: Ulpio Minucci

Harmony Gold, Tatsunoko Production, 24 Episodes, 25 Minutes (per episode)


The Masters is the second part of the three series that made up the original English language Robotech television show.

This show takes place some time after the events of The Macross Saga and it follows the journey of Dana Sterling and her friends. Dana is the daughter of the characters Max Sterling and Miriya Parina from The Macross Saga. She appeared in that show as an infant and is a character of historical significance within the show, as she is the first child born from a human and alien parent. The Masters shows the evolution of our human-Zentradi hero, as she goes from military screw up to bad ass galactic protector.

The antagonist of this series is the race known as the Masters. They were introduced at the end of The Macross Saga, as they decided to make the long journey to Earth in order to reclaim the protoculture that was a part of the SDF-1 (the now destroyed alien battleship from The Macross Saga). In the end, the Flower of Life blooms at the protoculture site and it summons the Invid to Earth, which are the alien race that become the antagonists of the third and final Robotech series New Generation.

While this series ties the whole franchise together, I find it to be the weakest installment of the three. It is still interesting and better than the vast majority of animated shows from its era but it is hard to top The Macross Saga and the New Generation series is more engaging and just feels a lot more epic than the smaller world explored in The Masters.

To be honest, if this wasn’t a part of the Robotech trilogy of series, I would have enjoyed it but I probably wouldn’t revisit it. Every few years or so, when I want to binge watch the Robotech franchise, I see this as that necessary low-point that I have to power through as the other parts are more superior overall.

Rating: 6/10

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