Film Review: The Slime People (1963)

Release Date: September 18th, 1963
Directed by: Robert Hutton
Written by: Blair Robertson, Vance Skarstedt
Music by: Lou Foman
Cast: Robert Hutton, Les Tremayne, Robert Burton

Donald J. Hansen Enterprises, 76 Minutes 


The Slime People was just one of a massive slew of really low budget sci-fi monster features from its era. Most of these films recycle the same general plot thread and this one isn’t any different. Weird stuff happens, a creature or creatures are involved and they have violent tendencies, then the big fight happens. Sure, in modern times, this formula has evolved a bit but the basic principles are always there.

This film is hard to watch however. By that, I mean that it is visibility is a real issue. The Slime People of the film’s title have this pod thing that emits a bunch of fog whenever the shit hits the fan. So for the most part, we see people getting ambushed in fog and most of what could be visually cool, is pretty much obscured.

When you do see the creatures, they aren’t awful. They sort of remind me of the Zygons from Doctor Who but are really just reptilian lumps with pointy heads. Still, there have been worse monsters in films with bigger budgets and part of the reason I love these types of films is the hokeyness of the outdated low budget effects.

The movie has all the flaws you’d expect: bad acting, bad directing, horrendous cinematography thanks to that fog and a plot so redundant it doesn’t even matter.

But like many films of this ilk, there is a version you can watch on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Rating: 2/10