Ranking the Films of David Lynch

david_lynchDavid Lynch has fascinated me for as long as I have watched movies. His work is bizarre yet mesmerizing and he has a style all his own and has thus become a legend and master of his craft.

Many films aren’t great but the ones that are just happen to be some of the best films ever made. And even those films in his resume that aren’t classics, still leave the viewer with something to over analyze, dissect and ponder.

Lynch has directed a ton of things over his career. This list comprises his feature films, as he has a lot of short films and television work that would make this list too exhaustive with their inclusion. And frankly, I haven’t seen all of that stuff.

And yes, Dune is pretty high on the list for me, as I love it despite most people hating it. I’ll save further comments for a review of it at some point.

But to be honest, it was really hard trying to quantify these films by ranking them, as they all have something worthwhile.

1. The Elephant Man
2. Lost Highway
3. Mulholland Drive
4. Dune
5. Wild At Heart
6. Blue Velvet
7. Eraserhead
8. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
9. The Straight Story
10. Inland Empire

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