Top 25 Films Starring Peter Cushing

peter_cushingPeter Cushing was one of the greatest horror icons of all-time. He starred alongside the legendary Christopher Lee in more than twenty films and also worked a lot with Vincent Price. He was the king of Hammer Horror, even more so than Christopher Lee.

Cushing could play heroic, sinister or just bad ass roles. He was Van Helsing, Dr. Frankenstein, Sherlock Holmes and a plethora of other great characters. He owned every role he ever played.

He is known to most people as Grand Moff Tarkin, the commander of the first Death Star in the first ever Star Wars. That character also reappeared via CGI in the recent Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Since I did a list like this for Lee and for Price, I figured that doing one for Cushing was a must.

1. Star Wars – Episode IV: A New Hope
2. The Curse of Frankenstein (and whole Frankenstein series)
3. The Horror of Dracula (and Dracula installments he’s in)
4. Twins of Evil
5. The Vampire Lovers
6. Captain Clegg (also known as Night Creatures)
7. Sword of Sherwood Forest
8. The Hound of the Baskervilles
9. The Gorgon
10. Madhouse
11. Dr. Who and the Daleks (and the sequel)
12. The Mummy
13. Island of Terror
14. The Abominable Snowman
15. The Beast Must Die
16. I, Monster
17. The Skull
18. The Creeping Flesh
19. Asylum
20. The Blood Beast Terror
21. Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors
22. The House That Dripped Blood
23. Scream and Scream Again
24. She
25. Horror Express

2 thoughts on “Top 25 Films Starring Peter Cushing

  1. As with the Lee list, I’m not going to suggest you take films out but if I could I’d add House of The Long Shadows and I do think you’ve missed out on his Anthology film work for Amicus films. From Beyond the Grave, and Tales From the Crypt though I see Asylum on the list. His vignette in Torture Garden opposite Jack Palance is memorable as well.
    Supposedly he referred to The Blood Beast Terror as his worst film, though I think he was off the mark so it’s funny you have it in here.
    Great topic!

    • I haven’t seen Torture Garden since the 90s. House of the Long Shadows I need to revisit. I like Blood Beast Terror for its bizarre cheesiness. I certainly don’t think it’s his worst. I need rewatch some of the Amicus anthology stuff, it’s been awhile but I remember it not really grabbing me. I’ve always been a much bigger fan of full length stories than the anthology stuff though.