Book Review: ‘Mike Nelson’s Movie Megacheese’ by Michael J. Nelson

movie_megacheeseAfter reading Frank Conniff’s book, I wanted to pick up some other offerings from former members of Mystery Science Theater 3000. So why not pickup Mike Nelson’s Movie Megacheese? I mean, he was the head writer and host of the show for years and I had always enjoyed his riffing and other various antics.

Movie Megachesse is pretty fantastic, whether you are a fan of MST3K or not. If you love movies, especially the art of riffing on bad ones, it is a real gem.

Nelson doesn’t analyze the same films that MST3K has already covered, he spends most of his time tearing apart films from the 90s, which were current when the book was published in 2000. He assaults many beloved blockbusters and even chick flicks with a comedic vigor that is refreshing and entertaining. He spends some time talking about famous and infamous Hollywood families and even takes jabs at Tinseltown legends.

It is a nice quick read but nowhere near as short as Conniff’s book. It has also aged well, even if all the films covered were released last century. Many of them are still beloved today for whatever strange reason. Then again, some of them like Anaconda and Volcano have grown to become riffable classics that friends and I have had the pleasure of bashing from our couches over many get-togethers.

Movie Megacheese is an extension of what MST3K was, except it riffs on the films that they wouldn’t have had the budgetary means to feature.

Rating: 6/10

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