Film Review: The Touch of Satan (1971)

Release Date: August 23rd, 1971
Directed by: Don Henderson
Written by: James E. McLarty
Music by: Robert O. Ragland
Cast: Michael Berry, Emby Mellay

Futurama International Pictures, 90 Minutes


This film would have been lost in the sands of time had Mystery Science Theater 3000 not covered it. It deserves such a fate. Yet, it was resurrected from the murky depths where it was buried for nearly three decades.

The Touch of Satan is an ugly and uninspiring picture. It is drab in every way.

The acting is bad, the sets are boring, the story is derivative, the characters are lowest common denominator clichés and everything about it is predictable.

The story sees a man wandering across America trying to find himself. Probably because he’s trapped in an awful film. Anyway, he stops to eat lunch at a pond and meets a girl he is immediately smitten with. He gets invited to her “walnut ranch” for dinner. For the record, walnuts aren’t raised on ranches like cattle. Her parents don’t want this new boy around because they have a dark family secret. One thing leads to another. There is a gross old lady who lives in the house. She goes around murdering people. The woman is possessed by the Devil. The hot girl is also possessed by the Devil. Shit hits the fan. Dude leaves. Dude returns because love, bro. Dude bangs hot girl. Hot girl turns into a gross old lady. Dude kisses her back to youth. I don’t know, this movie is a complete shitty mess. I think the guy also contracts the Devil like an STD in the end.

If I have to point out a positive, the makeup wasn’t bad. It was done by Joe Blasco really early in his career. He later went on to have a big career in Hollywood and opened up his own makeup schools. He was the personal makeup artist of several huge stars, as well.

The Touch of Satan is almost unwatchable. At least there is a version of it that can be enjoyed with Mystery Science Theater 3000 commentary.

Rating: 1/10