Documentary Review: Records Collecting Dust (2015)

Release Date: January 9th, 2015
Directed by: Jason Blackmore

Riot House Pictures, 58 Minutes


This is one of a few documentaries I have watched lately about record collecting and the love of vinyl. I have come across a few good documentaries streaming on Amazon Video for those with a Prime account.

Records Collecting Dust is a pretty cool short movie – just about an hour. It interviews several notable musicians and other music industry types. The gist of the film is about their love of vinyl records. It spends time with each person, as they talk about their first records, their most loved records and their personal stories surrounding them.

Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedys is prominently featured throughout the film and it is interesting to see which records influenced him and how his tastes evolved yet shaped the sounds he created himself. You also get to see a recent performance by Jello in the film.

This is a worthwhile documentary if you have a love of vinyl records or music history.

My ex-girlfriend seemed to get bored watching it with me when she was over last night but there are reasons why our relationship didn’t work out. Plus, she owns a Hello Kitty toaster and still buys CDs.

Seriously though, this film is worth the hour investment if you have an interest in music, history and record collecting.

Rating: 7/10