Film Review: Price Check (2012)

Release Date: January 25th, 2012 (Sundance)
Directed by: Michael Walker
Written by: Michael Walker
Music by: Matt Kollar
Cast: Parker Posey, Eric Mabius, Annie Parisse, Amy Schumer

IFC Films, 92 Minutes


On a whim, I decided to watch Price Check. I have always been a fan of Parker Posey and this kind of flew under the radar, even in indy film circles.

It was enjoyable, for the most part. Although, nothing about it really stood out. It was carried by Posey’s acting chops and even though her character was truly unlikable, she had a sort of charisma about her where it at least had my interest peaked for most of the picture.

For a film where a lot of things happen, it actually felt like nothing was happening for the majority of the 93 minutes it was on my screen. I don’t have any issue with Eric Mabius but his character was just so damn dull. Mix that in with the other main character being unlikable and the only person I really felt invested in, throughout the whole movie, was Mabius’ wife (played by Annie Parisse). I also enjoyed Amy Schumer a lot. Too bad, Schumer was a minor character that only got a few scenes.

The whole motif of this film is about the price you pay to be middle class. It presents some scenarios where Mabius’ character has his morality tested, all because he is striving to make more money and to have nicer things for his family. Posey’s character is an actual wreck, having been playing the game so long that she is barely a human. In fact, Posey’s Susan really comes off as an authentic “take no prisoners” corporate middle management type.

The ending of the film is a bit ambiguous. While it is easy to assume that everything is fine, it isn’t clearly stated. I’m not sure if the director wanted there to be a mystery about what the future holds for these people or if he just didn’t convey things properly.

Price Check isn’t a bad film but it isn’t something anyone should go out of their way for. Unless they really love Posey or Schumer.

Rating: 6/10