Film Review: The Wild World of Batwoman (1966)

Also known as: She Was A Hippy Vampire
Release Date: 1966
Directed by: Jerry Warren
Written by: Jerry Warren
Music by: Jerry Warren (as Erich Bromberg)
Cast: Katherine Victor, George Andre, Steve Brodie, Richard Banks

ADPProductions, 70 Minutes


This film is so bad, I don’t even want to bring attention to it by writing a review. But it is also so bizarre, that I can’t just dismiss it. Plus, it is a blatant attempt at capitalizing off of the 1960s Batman television show.

Well, the best thing about this movie is that it only has a rating of 2.1 on IMDb. It isn’t ranked on IMDb’s Bottom 100 list but that is probably because it doesn’t have enough votes due to its obscurity. But it’s rating would have it fit in the range of the 27th-to-29th worst film of all-time.

The Wild World of Batwoman isn’t that type of bad movie where it somehow is good because of its faults. It is just complete and total shit. It has no redeeming qualities and I can’t think of a single positive thing to say about it.

So what’s bad about it? That’s simple. Name anything that has to do with a film – be it acting, direction, cinematography, music, set design, script, plot, special effects… they’re all awful.

Somehow this thing got made. It was an awful attempt at trying to steal the thunder away from Batman, a hit show in 1966. It failed  miserably and would probably be completely forgotten had it not been featured on season five of Mystery Science Theater 3000. And if you feel compelled to watch this, at least watch the MST3K version.

It is hard to make a movie this bad. At least one would have to think. It is like there was a contest held to find the least capable wannabe filmmakers on the planet and then they were forced to come up with something on a budget that couldn’t even afford Burger King’s ten piece nugget deal for $1.49.

The Wild World of Batwoman is the worst kind of shit. This is shit’s shit. Like a turd had its own butt hole and just dropped a deuce on a film reel.

Rating: 0.75/10