Book Review: ‘The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray: A Critical Appreciation of the World’s Finest Actor’ by Robert Schnakenberg

big_bad_bill_murrayThe Big Bad Book of Bill Murray is a national treasure. Well, Bill Murray is a national treasure, so it isn’t a stretch that the best book featuring him as its subject would also have that status. Granted, it is a national treasure with some minor flaws but for the most part, this book is amazing, entertaining and a perfect encyclopedia on everything Bill Murray.

The amount of stuff in this book is pretty impressive. There is a thorough analysis of every Murray film, personal stories, lots of history and biographical information.

The book is colorful, with large photos from films and shows Murray worked on. It is also well organized – encyclopedia style.

As much as I knew about Bill Murray over the years, I really hadn’t even scratched the surface. He’s always come across as an incredibly interesting guy but this book fleshes that out even more.

My only real gripe with this thing, is that I don’t agree with the author’s assessment of some of Murray’s films. At times, his criticisms seem too critical. At the end of the day, every film with Bill Murray in it is enhanced by the fact that Bill Murray is in it. A one-star film immediately becomes, at the very least, a three-star film. Even the one with the elephant.

The only other negative, is that some topics you would like to see expanded on, while other topics are too long. Then again, I think that each topic covered in the book was based off of the material that the author had to work with and where you might want to know more about something, that information just might not exist. I mean, there are some really obscure things in this book and I do applaud the vast and diverse topics that are covered.

If you are a Bill Murray fan and a fan of words, this has a lot of words in it about Bill Murray. If you don’t buy it, you are bad at managing your money.

Rating: 10/10