Ranking the Universal Monsters Films

universal-monster-movies-reboot1I recently watched all of the Universal Monsters films in each infamous monster’s own franchise. In fact, I own the box set for each monster, so it made it much easier. I also reviewed every film, which will be released here over time.

In regards to the list, I also added in the two Phantom of the Opera films: the 1925 one with Lon Chaney Sr. and the 1943 one with Claude Rains. The Hunchback of Notre Dame from 1923, also starring Lon Chaney Sr. is also included, as it is considered a part of Universal’s canon and led the way for the hunchback staple in their films.

After watching and reviewing them all, I wanted to rank them.

Here is my list:

1. Bride of Frankenstein
2. The Phantom of the Opera (1925)
3. The Invisible Man
4. Frankenstein
5. Dracula
6. Creature From the Black Lagoon
7. The Wolf Man
8. Dracula – Spanish Version
9. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
10. Werewolf of London
11. The Phantom of the Opera (1943)
12. The Creature Walks Among Us
13. Son of Frankenstein
14. The Invisible Agent
15. The Mummy
16. Son of Dracula
17. The Invisible Man Returns
18. Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man
19. Revenge of the Creature
20. The Mummy’s Tomb
21. The Ghost of Frankenstein
22. House of Frankenstein
23. House of Dracula
24. She-Wolf of London
25. Dracula’s Daughter
26. The Mummy’s Ghost
27. The Invisible Man’s Revenge
28. The Mummy’s Curse
29. The Mummy’s Hand
30. The Invisible Woman